Analysis and handling of the ticwatch pro 2020 from Ticwatch.

As an introduction to this analysis

The technology industry of connected watches is a sector in continuous evolution.Does it seem complicated to you to find your way through all the possible choices?
We wanted to know what the last ticwatch pro 2020 from Ticwatch was worth.Quickly, we can say that this watch is good for a santé use.

The highlights of this connected watch are :
– The featherweight
– Its health-oriented functionalities
– Its daily use
– Its sport-oriented features

Because it’s important to think twice before buying this type of product, this article will help you see things more clearly.

A watch connected for health

Many technological developments have taken place since the first health monitoring watches.They are now equipped with many advanced sensors.
The design of the ticwatch pro 2020 is impeccable.These sensors allow a fine monitoring of your health.

As usual, Ticwatch has installed a robust system on this watch.This is Wear OS from OS Wear.The system is easy to use and you can quickly navigate through the different menus.
For those whose sleep monitoring is a priority, this watch is interesting.With its advanced technology, it is able to analyze it, with elements such as tracking noise and movement while you sleep.You will know if you are resting properly during the night, and if the quality of your sleep is regular.
Through the accelerometer, the watch will be able to follow your physical activity.This will allow you to interpret your movements during the day.This connected watch will, by monitoring your steps and arm movements, be able to establish the number of calories you will burn.
It can monitor your heart rate, movements and then transmit this data to the associated application.
For those who need to analyze their heartbeat curve, you will have to choose another watch, as this model does not have one.

A connected and practical watch

Are you still sceptical about buying an intelligent watch because you doubt its real need?Besides, you don’t know if you’ll need it every day.Here are a few examples of what a smart watch like the ticwatch pro 2020 could do for you.
Ticwatch almost makes a mistake with this model.It’s almost to an essential element in everyday life.
It has the best battery of the moment, with a power of 400 mAh.
The manufacturer even announces a service life of 30 days.
Among the list of interesting features is first of all GPS.A detail for some, but not for many.Note by account, that in full GPS mode – with GPS tracking enabled, the watch’s autonomy will last less time.
This watch is designed to be waterproof.So you can safely swim with it.We haven’t tried it at sea, but under the kitchen tap, it works.
The manufacturer proposes this new original model with a round face.This is a beautiful watch similar to some of the competing models in terms of aesthetics.It can also be adapted to your tastes thanks to the different colours.
The screen is protected by reinforced glass.You will reduce the risk of breakage and scratches.
With an intuitive touch screen, you will be able to access the various functions of the watch.Its weight is high, 308 grams, more than on comparable models.It can be an inconvenience if you wear it for a long time.
One of the most useful applications to have on the wrist every day with this ticwatch pro 2020 is undoubtedly the NFC.You’re taking it to the next level with a simple and convenient contactless payment option.
Finally, and still for regular use, you have here the music function.Contrary to what the skeptics say, this smartwatch is more than an accessory, and you’ll appreciate this feature.

A connected watch for sports

A connected watch can allow you to keep track of your sporting activity, but not only that.This tool allows you to combine the advantages of conventional products in a small format and can be connected to other devices such as your phone or laptop.We explain what ticwatch pro 2020 can do for you.
With this new model, Ticwatch will interest a lot of sportsmen.Our tests have shown that it is now the best smartwatch on the market.The device is resolutely sports and fitness oriented.
At only 308 grams, it is one of the lightest to wear.
It has an excellent autonomy, thanks to its 400 mAh battery.
The watch includes GPS support so you can track your runs.This functionality is made possible without a smartphone being connected.
Due to the absence of a SIM, you will not be able to track tracking data directly from the wristwatch.In return for this inconvenience, you will have an extended battery life.
The gyroscope installed on this watch will allow you to measure movements and distances under the conditions of your sport.
Fossil watches are also designed to track fitness data such as heart rate.
And even more, it is able to measure the number of calories burned during the day.

You will also be able to listen to music with this smartwatch.

Is it suitable for all needs?

There are different operating systems installed on smartwatches.The original applications may not be enough for some, hence the interest to choose the one with the most suitable OS.There are health applications, other sport-oriented applications, or applications that meet the needs of everyday life.
Through the associated download platform, this OS Wear smartwatch will allow you to install the applications you are interested in.It is one of the heaviest watches available – 308 grams.
On the battery side, with its 400 mAh, it is very powerful.You will be able to install many applications; you have a choice.
During a trip, there is nothing worse than not being able to understand what is around us, or not understanding the meaning of a sentence spoken; Microsoft translator is the indispensable application.
You can even schedule your appointments in Tinder – right from your wrist.You won’t miss the Ticwatchrtunity to identify a song just because you couldn’t get your smartphone out fast enough thanks to Shazam on smartwatch.
In short, as you have understood, your connected watch will be able to meet many needs.

What about the ticwatch pro 2020?

Very clearly, this model of connected watch is one of the best products of the moment.This is an excellent product, which makes this connected watch an indispensable accessory.
In short, it has many strong points; here is what we can retain among them:
– The featherweight
– Its health-oriented functionalities
– Its daily use
– Its sport-oriented features